3D Design and 3D Printing Spring Camp/Classes for Kids in Vancouver!

EngKidz is excited to announce the launch of a new Instructor-led online 3D design and 3D printing spring camp/class for kids. The rapidly growing field of 3D modeling plays a very important role in our society. It has revolutionized engineering design, animations, games, architecture, and manufacturing. The future belongs to 3D, and therefore, an early introduction to 3D design is essential for any next generation STEM education. Kids can use this newly acquired skill to bring their limitless imagination, drawings and thoughts into 3D space and develop a deeper understanding of various subjects. For instance, kids can recreate a playground in 3D space and redesign it to improve its accessibility or create humans organs in 3D, or recreate 3D geographical features or historical artifacts to gain insight into the intricate designs.

3D design is a very hands-on activity that promotes active learning and encourages creative thinking. At EngKidz, we have carefully developed this Level 1 course to provide a basic fun introduction to 3D Design through TinkerCAD, a colorful, interactive and a very popular web-based 3D design CAD application. TinkerCAD is a great starter program for kids because of its ease of use, ton of features, and a safe and growing online community of contributors.

Of course, a 3D designed component is still only a digital component and to bring it to life you need to manufacture it. EngKidz is taking care of this aspect by introducing to kids the concept of additive manufacturing method (aka 3D printing). This popular method of printing objects in 3D is an efficient process for creating and testing prototypes, generating scaled models or manufacturing small batches of products.

In this workshop, Kids will design a cool balloon powered dragster which we will print on our 3D printer in EngKidz Labs. This working prototype when equipped with a balloon will not only demonstrate the concept of Newton’s 3rd law, but also showcase the capabilities of 3D printing. We will ship the personalized printed parts to you and kids will get a chance to assemble and test their own creation. We invite our young innovators of British Columbia from all parts of BC including Greater Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops, or Interior, to join us in our 3D design and printing adventures. We hope to see you this spring!

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