Why EngKidz for Kids?

Virtual Workshops


Team EngKidz

Ankur - P.Eng, PMP - Content Developer and Instructor

Ankur is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He graduated from University of British Columbia (UBC) with a degree in Applied Sciences. He loves building hands-on science projects and tinkering with new technologies.

Mayank - P.Eng - Content Developer and Instructor

Mayank is a Mechatronics Engineer with an undergrad Applied Sciences degree from UBC and Masters in Engineering from SFU. He loves to code, work on robots and build cool automation projects.

Jona - Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Jona is a perfectionist with a creative eye. She focuses on researching latest trends, developing marketing materials, proofing course content and coordinating promotional events through various social media channels.

Aakriti - Digital Education Outreach Coordinator

Aakriti is a Computer Engineer from SFU. She loves tinkering with new programs and employ the latest software solutions to reach out to people in the digital world. She is passionate about developing social connections.