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What is STEM?

STEM is a curriculum based on the concept of teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a collaborative environment using real world applications. In British Columbia and around the world the demand for STEM fields is rapidly increasing and STEM careers are projected to be the fastest growing and best paid professions. Therefore, it is ever more important that STEM is introduced to kids early and effectively so they get a chance to explore the various branches of STEM and develop the skills needed to excel.

External STEM programs, like EngKidz, offer learning opportunities which are otherwise not possible in a classroom setting. These programs can complement the classroom learning with hands-on projects and help kids build an overall awareness and interest in STEM.

Why Choose EngKidz?

Our STEM workshops are uniquely designed and conducted by Engineers with years of real-world experience. Engkidz Engineers use hands-on project based method to link science with real life solutions. Kids enjoy learning about the connection of science with its applications while exploring the use of various technologies and math in problem solving.  With the use of interactive simulations, science demos and fun quizzes, we make each workshop a memorable experience where kids get ample space to think creatively and associate positively with STEM.

Our goal is to promote STEM education in British Columbia.

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Live Online Workshops

EngKidz is excited to be offering live online STEM camps and classes to help kids learn while staying safe and indoors. Project kits are shipped or delivered before the start of the classes and kids get the same hands-on project building experience while learning from home.

PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu

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