Engkidz ONLINE STEM (Science and Technology) Workshop for Kids

Hello Parents, are your kids getting bored at home? Do you feel they need more hands-on activities?

Here’s some good news, at Engkidz, we are now taking our STEM workshops online! These virtual workshops will be the ideal way to keep kids learning, exploring and building while staying indoors. Here’s what these online workshops offer:

  1. 90 mins long online conference sessions with interactive simulations, demonstrations, science quiz and polls to keep kids engaged and thinking.
  2. Hands-on project building during the workshop, with parent participation.
  3. Project materials delivered to your door, so you don’t have to go looking for any materials.
  4. Our workshops encourage hours and hours of learning by taking apart and rebuilding the projects even after the workshop is over.

All of the Engkidz projects are working prototypes and are closely aligned with BC science curriculum with focus on grade 4-7 kids, but all other ages are welcome with parent support.

If you still have doubts please join one of our FREE 60 min long workshops to check out the whole process. In this free workshop we will have interactive simulations, demos and project building. Material list will be provided for this Free workshop, but it will be a great way to get started in the online STEM world. See you in class!

3 Comments on “Engkidz ONLINE STEM (Science and Technology) Workshop for Kids”

  1. Hi,

    Would like to enroll my kids for virtual stem program but I’m unable to signup online. Can you help and provide the link.

  2. Hi there! No, you can still sign up on the sign up page, you may want to hurry up, spots are selling out fast!

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