Virtual STEM Workshop Series – Budding Engineers

What is Virtual STEM ?

This is a virtual/online STEM (Science & Technology) program for Grade 4-7 students with a focus on hands-on project based learning. This program/series includes 5 workshops, one per week. The topics covered are closely aligned with the BC Science curriculum. These workshops are held via live Zoom or similar conferencing software. All our instructors are local BC Engineers. 

What’s a Typical Workshop like?

Each 90-minute workshop includes interactive computer simulations &  demonstrations. Kids will learn science concepts and participate through random quizzes and polls throughout the class. During each workshop we work on building a hands-on science & engineering project using the materials provided.

How to get Project Kits/Materials?

Cost for project kits is included in the program fees. Project kits for each class will be mailed before the start of the class. The projects are setup such that kids can complete them with minimal supervision, but parent participation is required for this virtual program.


Space Wanderer – We learn about Newton’s laws and then use them to power our rockets into the orbit. We build powered rockets.

Funtastic Elastic – Propel objects and hit targets while learning about simple machines and projectile motion. Together we make a catapult.

Planet Savior – Kids explore various forms of renewable energy sources and then use wind energy to power a turbine. Kids will build a working wind turbine that will light up a mini house.

Hydro Muscle – Explore the power of fluids. Test and build hydraulic arms to do some heavy lifting.

Spark A RaceCircuit will be complete and sparks will fly when we build and race cars using a flashlight.

Hourly Schedule

Space Wanderer - May 09

Funtastic Elastic - May 16

Planet Savior - May 23

Hydro Muscle - May 30

Spark A Race - June 06


May 16 2020 - Jun 13 2020


Every Sat, 10:30 A.M - 12:00 P.M.
10:30 am - 12:00 pm




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