FREE Science Workshops – BC

Free Science and Coding Class Langley, White Rock, Vancouver, Surrey

Hello All!

We hope everyone is staying safe and indoors! We have now fully launched our Free workshops for our friends in beautiful British Columbia. This unique summer of 2020 we can come together from Vancouver, Victoria, to Kelowna and Kamloops to enjoy these science classes in a VIRTUAL world! STEM workshop in a virtual world is a unique concept and we want parents to be aware that there are alternatives to in-class sessions and that learning science and building Hands-on Projects is not restricted to in-class sessions. We hold these sessions at regular intervals and they are about 60-90 mins long. Learn more below and save yourself a spot today!

Free Workshop – RIDE WITH NEWTON

STEM Car ProjectIn this workshop we introduce Newton’s 3rd Law and we use rocket launch examples, tug-of-war simulations, and catapult demos along with some fun quizzes/polls to keep kids engaged. And as we learn about these physics laws we not only see them in action, we use them to build our air-powered cars! Materials for these cars is easily available at most homes. Once built, these air-powered cars are an engineering marvel. Kids are then encouraged to use these concepts to make their own bigger, better, faster version and continue the science and engineering learning long after the workshop has ended. This class is ideal for Grade 4-7 kids, but anyone who likes an engineering challenge is welcome! Parents Participation Required.

Free Workshop – BUDDING CODERS

Coding & Programming is not only for adults, kids can learn coding now with some very unique and exciting visual block methods like Scratch. Scratch is a computer language developed by MIT which offers very interactive coding experience to kids. This encourages kids to try different things like building games, making music and creating animations and in the process they learn the very useful concepts of computational thinking and they build confidence in problem solving. In this workshop we help introduce the basics of coding and then help students learn to animate their name using Scratch. They can use a variety of codes/blocks to create different effects, colors, music and sounds to make a cool animation from the letters of their name. Its a class that is meant for Age 6-99!

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