Hello STEM world!

Engkidz is here! We are very excited to launch an innovative & informative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program for students in the Lower Mainland. We are a group of Engineers with a drive to improve and accelerate the growth of STEM careers in BC.

Technology is the future, and our aim is to spark an interest in finding newer solutions by building confidence in a kid’s ability to solve challenges through science and technology. Our classes have been developed around BC science curriculum, with a focus on hands-on project based learning. Engkidz classes include interactive computer simulations, live hand-on demonstrations and build-and-take-home projects on various science principles. We ensure that these projects are age appropriate, but still provide room to accommodate creativity.

At Engkidz, we believe that learning should not end at the end of the class, and therefore, we encourage kids to take apart these take-home projects and re-engineer them with their own ideas, materials and thoughts. An engineered product is never finished, and continuous improvement is the lifeline of engineering. We hope that kids will build upon and improve the projects by making them bigger, more efficient and with wide-ranging applications.

In future, Engkidz will be at events and schools and recreation centers. So be sure to signup with our mailing list to stay informed.

Happy Learning!

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