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Scratch Coding Project

We are so excited to announce that EngKidz just concluded the 5 week Scratch Coding program! With a group of 12 budding coders we made our own games, animations and interactive stories (see some examples below). And while having fun we introduced kids to some important coding concepts like loops, conditionals, variables and functions.

We ran one class every week and introduced new concepts which the kids practiced using the home assignments. The one week gap between the classes gave kids ample time to explore coding at their own pace, practice the new concepts and develop a love for coding.

Kids loved the in-class debugging challenges. Debugging helps develop critical thinking skills and is a great way to learn how to code. Scratch offers tons of fun ways to interact with the sprites. Video Sensing is one such example where kids use their webcams to interact with Scratch characters and bring coding to life! We used it for playing drums and petting a dragon!

We are so proud of all the hard work kids put in their weekly challenges. It was amazing to see the participation and the joy on their faces when we shared their projects at the start of every class.

If making your own maze, creating interactive stories and putting up your own personal music band sounds fun, then join us for our next budding coders workshop and see where these coding adventures take you.

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