EngKidz Robotics Workshop – Build and Keep your Robot!

STEM Robot Project

EngKidz just launched a new Virtual Robotics program where we build an obstacle avoiding robot car. We use micro-controllers, sensors, motors and interactive block based coding program to code, assemble, test and run our robot. We use fun block based coding methods so kids can enjoy the coding process and build confidence in this super exciting and fast growing field of robotics.

Giving Virtual workshops a new meaning

At EngKidz, we strongly believe that project based hands-on learning is one of the best ways to explore and retain new concepts. Therefore, for these unique virtual classes, we ship the project’s robotic kits to your home. Kids join us online and, over a total of 5 workshops, build their own robot from the safety of their home. We mix in fun activities, quizzes, home challenges to keep the little minds thinking and tinkering with coding, sensors and motors. Learning shouldn’t end with the end of the workshop and that’s why kids get to keep the robot and continue their robotics exploration journey.

Our summer session started last week, see below for some pictures of the cool project kits and a video of the working robot!

Dont worry if you missed out on a spot, our next session starts in October. Hurry and Sign Up!

Robot in Action – EngKidz – Robo Engineers Program
Robo Engineers Kit

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