New STEAM Classes for Kids in British Columbia, Canada

Art and Engineering are inseparable, the great Leonardo da Vinci proved this by applying his amazing artistic abilities to design and inspire modern day inventions. At EngKidz, we are excited to introduce a brand new kids program on the idea of combining ARTS + ENGINEERING. In this new STEAM workshop our Artsy Makers will learn to make circuits, discover forces on a merry-go-round, make musical instruments, build mechanical linkages and create awesome paint patterns. Like all EngKidz STEM workshops, each project will be easily customizable so designing and tinkering can continue on for hours, limited only by the infinite world of imagination and creativity.

Together will make Ogres that need dental work, a Twitchbot that dances while making patterns, an energized butterfly and many more fun projects. Each class will be 60 minutes long and will include fun simulations, demos and quizzes. Like all of our workshops, we will ship all the project materials to you. Check out the video of some of the projects below. We hope to see your little Artsy Makers at this workshop!

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