STEM Summer Camps in BC for kids! – Virtual and In-person

EngKidz is getting ready for a great summer with a long list of fun exciting summer camp and programs that are sure to keep kids tinkering and learning science and technology for hours. We will continue to offer our virtual STEM classes for safe distance learning for kids from all over BC. This summer we are also adding a new class, Artsy Makers, a 10 week long program full of Art and Engineering, and you can read more about it here. Also, EngKidz is going in-person for our very popular Budding Engineers program. We will be at Kidtropolis -Richmond for the 5 week long STEM classes (held once every week). You can check out the details here.

Why choose EngKidz?

Do your kids enjoy building stuff, learning about latest technological advancements, connecting science with real world applications then EngKidz has the right programs for your child. Our uniquely designed STEM workshops are meant to provide the tools and skills for exploring science outside of books. Each EngKidz project is fully functioning and fully customizable. Kids can add as many new ideas and features as they like, and they are only limited by their imagination. Creativity is not assembling, but recreating, redesigning and improving existing technologies, and therefore, we ensure that we challenge the kids to not just build hands-on projects but improve the projects and continue the tinkering long after the workshops have ended.

Our workshops are closely aligned with BC Science curriculum and serve as a great resource for home schooled and remote learning students in BC. We hope to see your Budding Engineers, Scientists and Innovators this summer!

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